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Sleeping With Ghosts

this is all fabrication

the Vintage Star
Here I shall do all the usual internety things such as complain about things, talk about how very cool other things are, and generally say things that mostly no one would care about if there was anything more interesting on the web somewhere.

1977, a new hope, a perfect circle, allen ginsberg, almost famous, alyson hannigan, art, batman, before night falls, benny and joon, bizarro #1, blow, books, brendan shanahan, buffy the vampire slayer, cameras, canucks, captain america, cartoons, charlize theron, chasing amy, chris bachalo, chuck palahniuk, clerks, comic books, comic shops, cry baby, daredevil, darth vader, dead man, death, dogma, don juan demarco, don quixote, donnie brasco, drawing, ed brubaker, ed wood, eddie vedder, edward scissorhands, family, family guy, fantastic four, film, finding neverland, firefly, from hell, gas town, gi joe, gir, grant morrison, granville street, guitar, gun with occasional music, hawksley workman, heroes, house of leaves, humphrey bogart, hunter jakob conner, hunter s thompson, invader zim, iron fist, jack kerouac, jakalope, japan, jason lee, johnny cash, johnny depp, joss whedon, kevin smith, la without a map, literature, lost in la mancha, mallrats, mark z danielewski, marvel comics, matt fraction, memorabilia, movies, music, my son, neil gaiman, new avengers, new warriors, nextwave, nhl, novels, open aperture, parenthood, pearl jam, philosophy, photography, placebo, poetry, preacher, questionable content, reading, red wings, return of the jedi, revenge of the sith, samurai, sandman, seattle, secret window, serenity, shogun, short fiction, sin city, singles, sith, sleepy hollow, snake-eyes, spider jerusalem, star wars, steve yzerman, storm shadow, superman, swords, tattoos, terry gilliam, terry pratchet, the astronaut's wife, the bunny, the empire strikes back, the incredible hulk, the killers, the ninth gate, the rum diary, theatre, thor, tim burton, timmy's coffee, tool, toys, transmetropolitan, ultimates, vancouver, vast, villains, waking life, warren ellis, what's eating gilbert grape, woody creek, writing, yggdrasil, young justice